September 2010 –

Remote Access your Home Computer – Setup a VPN with DD-WRT

How many times have you forgotten something you needed in your home computer? How much time, productivity and money have you lost because of this? What if you could connect to your home computer from work? (or anywhere for that matter). You probably already thought of the idea but discarded it as being too complicated, […]

Getting Windows Printer Drivers from CUPS – A Method That Works!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could install your printer drivers directly from the CUPS server, just like you would with a Windows print server?, rather than having to install them manually for each workstation? Getting CUPS and SAMBA to push print drivers to Windows PCs could be a real pain, especially when there so […]

How to Remove Spyware – Remove Almost All Infections (Free!)

I’ve discovered a technique to remove spyware infections that has been working reliably for me in a surprisingly vast majority of cases. A technique that can be followed step by step and can be replicated for almost all types of viruses.