January 2011 – geekyprojects.com

Build Your Own Custom Ubuntu LiveCD

When I started this project I was surprised of how poor documentation and software was on this subject. My goal was to create a custom Ubuntu liveCD for a group of public computers, change the start-up and background to make it look professional, remove unnecessary programs and add some icons to the desktop for ease […]

Best Data Recovery Software – Top 10 List

Sometimes you can encounter difficult data recovery jobs where you need all the help you can get; this is the reason why I have decided to compile this list. As you can see, almost all of the utilities in this list are free and open source with only two exceptions Spinrite and Recover My Files. […]

Iphone App Transtlates Everything Camera Sees Live!

I could not believe it when I saw it. World Lens, an application made by Quest Visual translates anything it sees through the iphone camera. Pretty cool and useful. See for yourselves…

How To Create a DVD With Menus Using Free Software

DVDStyler is a simple but powerful DVD authoring software. It lets you create DVDs and add menus, sub-menus, closed captions, buttons, video thumbnails and even background music. This makes DVD Styler the perfect solution to port your home movies to DVDs, make them look less boring and more professional. DVDStyler comes in Windows, Linux and Mac versions.

Edit And Transfer Home Videos to DVD Using Free Software

Wouldn’t it be nice to store all your home videos in DVDs so they can be easily accessible and even share them with friends and family? All this can all be accomplished with free and open source software. In the end, you can have a professional looking DVD with menus, buttons, thumbnails and even background music. In […]