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How to Burn ISO Files to CD or DVD (for Free!)

Nowadays that the Internet has become faster, image files such as ISO, NRG, etc., have gained popularity. CD Images save companies money, giving them the possibility of offering large programs to the public, which otherwise would have to be burned in CDs or DVDs and mailed to you. Once downloaded, there are two ways you […]

How to Connect from Windows to Ubuntu using Remote Desktop

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article that described how to connect from a Ubuntu computer to a Windows Computer using the “real” remote Desktop. Now I will describe how to do the inverse: How to connect from Windows to Ubuntu using Windows remote desktop (the real one as well). As I described […]

How to Make a Transparent Image Using The Gimp

Creating image transparency in The Gimp is very handy, specially when you are a web designer. Image transparency is specially useful in websites where you have backgrounds with patterns; it makes blending these images a lot easier. If transparency is available the image will have to be created using part of the website’s background as […]

How to Use the Real Windows Remote Destop in Ubuntu

To many IT professionals it is imperative to be able to connect remotely to their work via VPN and if you connect by VPN, the next likely step is to connect using Remote Desktop. Many of us however, prefer to use Ubuntu at home and in most workplaces almost all machines are Windows based; that […]

How to Install the LAME MP3 Encoder for Audacity

Audacity is a free and powerful audio editor that works in a variety of operating systems, such as Windows Mac OSX and Linux. Audacity, however, cannot save files in mp3 format by default; it needs to use an external encoder to do the job. Fortunately, there is a quality mp3 encoder that will do the […]

How to Run an ISO Image File in VirtualBox

If some of you did not know, you can run ISO image files using VirtualBox. This is useful because it saves you time and Cds. A while ago I was working on creating my own Custom Ubuntu LiveCD. There was a lot of trial and error involved, which let me to create numerous ISO images. […]

How to Use VirtualBox – Tutorial

If you have never heard of VirtualBox, it is the free and open source equivalent to VMWare. If you are still lost, what VirtualBox basically does is let you run any operating system inside your current operating system virtually!. For example, you can run Mac-OS X inside Windows, or Run Windows inside Ubuntu Linux, just […]

How to Draw a Square or Circle in The Gimp

Squares, rectangles and circles are very useful tools when making quick fixes in drawings. The Gimp is a wonderful photo editing and drawing program, however, making shapes such as squares, rectangles or circles is not intuitive, specially for people that are used to programs like Microsoft Paint, where the square icon draws exactly that, a […]

Create Online Forms Using Google Docs – Tutorial

Need to do an online survey? Maybe you need to collect inventory information for your company assets, create an online job application for your company’s HR department or simply collect input from readers of your website. Forms can get very complicated and time consuming if done from scratch. Google Docs however, has simplified the process […]

How to Use Clonezilla – Tutorial

In past I have written articles describing differences between Clonezilla SE and CLonezilla Live and  how to setup a Clonezilla server. However, many people kept asking me for instructions on how to use Clonezilla. That is why I decided to write this tutorial. For those of you not familiar with Clonezilla, it is a free […]

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