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How to Recover Erased Data Using Free Software

There are many programs in the web that will help you recover erased data. Some great ones and some mediocre ones; some very costly and some free. In the following tutorial I will describe what I believe to be the best solution for recovering erased files from your computer. A method which works on virtually […]

How to Recover Your Files When Windows Won’t Boot

This is the scenario: You turn your computer on one day, Windows starts booting and after a while you get a blue screen of death, or you get a message telling you that Windows won’t boot because a certain file is missing. What do you do now? The logical solution will be to take the […]

How to Retrieve Files From a Dead Computer

Your computer suddenly died and it is full of important files; what do you do now? How can you retrieve your files? Here’s the scenario: You press the power button to turn your laptop computer on and discover it is dead, nothing is coming up on the screen, not even the brand’s logo. You look […]

Best Data Recovery Software – Top 10 List

Sometimes you can encounter difficult data recovery jobs where you need all the help you can get; this is the reason why I have decided to compile this list. As you can see, almost all of the utilities in this list are free and open source with only two exceptions Spinrite and Recover My Files. […]