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Openfiler Vs. FreeNAS

  Let me start by saying that the only purpose of this article is to help you choose between OpenFiler and FreeNAS. I won’t waste time going into superficial issues like “GUI ease of use” or “installation tips” since, in the end, once you pass the learning curve, what’s really important is the performance and […]

Iphone App Transtlates Everything Camera Sees Live!

I could not believe it when I saw it. World Lens, an application made by Quest Visual translates anything it sees through the iphone camera. Pretty cool and useful. See for yourselves…

My Blackberry Is Not Working! [Funny Video]

Here’s a sketch from BBC One’s “The One Ronnie” 2010 Christmas Special.  Can the store clerk resolve this customer’s problems? Watch to find out…

Manage Your MythTV Box Remotely Using NX

  Tired of dealing with MythTV’s xfce tiny fonts, Bad TV resolution, cumbersome or non existent remote controls, or you simply want to manage your MythTV box remotely (i.e. from work, or on vacation) Then this article is for you. For those of you not familiar with NX, the best way I can describe it […]