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Installing Visio Network Shapes in Dia

Dia is a powerful free open source flowchart diagramming software; and it would be a true alternative to Visio if it wasn’t for a rather unfortunate flaw: the lack of nice, easy to understand network shapes. Let face it, network diagramming not only serves as a tool to help IT staff visualize a network but […]

How to Vectorize an Image Using Free Software

Converting any image to vector graphics can be extremely useful; it is one of the few techniques that can actually enhance the quality of an image, making its edges perfectly smooth even when zoomed to infinity. This quality “enhancement”, however, does not come without its drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks include the loss of gradients, […]

Cropping a Photo Using Free Image Editing Software – The Gimp

Let me start by saying that cropping a picture is one of the most basic photo editing tasks and it can be done with practically any image editor, with some being harder than others. There are plenty of free image editors on the web now a days, however, The Gimp is as powerful as it […]

How to Make a Transparent Image Using The Gimp

Creating image transparency in The Gimp is very handy, specially when you are a web designer. Image transparency is specially useful in websites where you have backgrounds with patterns; it makes blending these images a lot easier. If transparency is available the image will have to be created using part of the website’s background as […]

How to Draw a Square or Circle in The Gimp

Squares, rectangles and circles are very useful tools when making quick fixes in drawings. The Gimp is a wonderful photo editing and drawing program, however, making shapes such as squares, rectangles or circles is not intuitive, specially for people that are used to programs like Microsoft Paint, where the square icon draws exactly that, a […]

Batch Resize Photos With Shrink O’Matic

Here at we are always evaluating software and whenever we have a recommendation worth mentioning we bring it to you. This is the case with Shrink O’Matic. Shrink O’Matic is an exceptional program designed to batch-resize photos.  It can resize a whole folder full of pictures in a matter of seconds. There are many […]