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Wiping Free Disk Space in Windows on Schedule

Why should we wipe free disk space on our hard drives? As you probably already know, once your recycle bin is emptied the files are not really erased; they just do not show up anymore and Windows uses the space whenever it is needed. The problem with this is that Windows writes randomly to the […]

Password Protect a Folder in Windows 7, Vista and XP

Let me start by saying that… no, this article does not talk about compressing a folder into a password protected zip file. I will talk about a real tool that not only password protect your folders, but also hides them. Lets face it, what good does it do to protect a folder in a compressed […]

Turn Your WebCam Into a CCTV Security Camera

Want to setup a CCTV Security Camera system in your house but don’t want to spend the time or effort to do it? I got just the perfect solution for you. How about using your webcam for this purpose? This is one of those cool projects I always thought about doing but never got around […]