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What is RAID? Levels and Types

In simple terms, RAID is basically a way of combining a group of hard drives together to form a single “virtual” drive. The main benefit is not only to obtain a bigger combined space but also to have data protection by having redundancy. This redundancy is achieved by duplicating the data in the additional drives, […]

Wipe Hard Drive Clean Using Free Software

Selling your computer but worried of somebody trying to get a hold of your personal information? As some of you know, whenever a file is deleted from the computer, it does not really gets deleted but rather the opearting system identifies the space as available so it can be re-recorded again. This is a huge […]

How to Repair a Damaged Partition Table or MBR

If all of a sudden your computer does not boot and you see messages like “operating system not found”, “missing operating system” or “invalid partition table”, you know there is something really wrong with the Master Boot Record (MBR). In this article I will describe how to fix it with a free and open source […]

How to Recover Data Even When Hard Drive is Damaged

  Here at GeekyProjects we have been receiving hard drives for a while from all over the world and recovering their data in exchange for donations to the site. (We even received one from a soldier stationed in Afghanistan once).   However, lately our focus has shifted towards the website itself and we no longer […]

How to Clone Hard Drive to Smaller Drive

Here is the situation: You want to clone (or copy) a hard drive to a new drive, however, you do not have a hard drive of equal or bigger size to restore the image to. This has happened to me many times, and many times I have wondered what to do. Norton Ghost does this […]

How to Recover Data From a Broken Hard Drive

If you are reading this article you are probably desperate, but before you panic let me tell you that there is hope, and there is probably more hope than you think…. Even if your hard drive has an internal mechanical malfunction, data can be recovered without having to send the hard drive to a data […]