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How to Install Fonts in Ubuntu

Installing fonts in Ubuntu has certainly become a trivial task. In the past, installing fonts in Ubuntu was cumbersome, requiring you to follow a number of non-intuitive steps that only a true geek could remember. I certainly used to find myself searching on Google every time I would have to install a font in Ubuntu, […]

How to Install VMware 7 on Ubuntu 11.04

Installing VMware on Ubuntu 11.04 is trivial compared to past installations. VMware really simplified things this time, so much so that it is almost irrelevant to write this tutorial. However, I thought I would write it anyway since even though the installation is really straight forward, there are some things worth mentioning. This article pertains […]

Creating a Bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive From Windows

Ubuntu and other Linux distributions have proven to be really useful when Windows stops working. Versatility, portability and speed are among the many advantages of having a bootable OS in a USB flash drive. These installations can help fix problems in Windows operating systems, such as viruses, errors in the registry, etc. They can also […]

What’s New in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

Ubuntu is about to release its stable version of 11.04 Natty Narwhal. It is interesting to see how many of the expected features will not be included. Some of these new features seem to have now been postponed for the next release cycle due to delays, security concerns, etc. In this article we will have […]

How to Connect from Windows to Ubuntu using Remote Desktop

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article that described how to connect from a Ubuntu computer to a Windows Computer using the “real” remote Desktop. Now I will describe how to do the inverse: How to connect from Windows to Ubuntu using Windows remote desktop (the real one as well). As I described […]

How to Format a USB External Hard Drive for Linux

Formatting a USB external hard drive, could be a very easy task when done with proper tools. However, sometimes there are drives which, for whatever reason will not format. For this reason I have decided to divide this guide into two parts. The first part of this guide applies to any type of drive, not […]

Build Your Own Custom Ubuntu LiveCD

When I started this project I was surprised of how poor documentation and software was on this subject. My goal was to create a custom Ubuntu liveCD for a group of public computers, change the start-up and background to make it look professional, remove unnecessary programs and add some icons to the desktop for ease […]

Getting Windows Printer Drivers from CUPS – A Method That Works!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could install your printer drivers directly from the CUPS server, just like you would with a Windows print server?, rather than having to install them manually for each workstation? Getting CUPS and SAMBA to push print drivers to Windows PCs could be a real pain, especially when there so […]

Ubuntu VPN Connection for Dummies

Connecting to your Microsoft PPTP VPN server and using remote desktop at work can be critical for those who find themselves working from home from time to time.  Personally, this single issue kept me from getting rid on my dual-boot Ubuntu-Windows setup, until I found a solution. Yes, configuring your Ubuntu VPN could be a […]