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How to Boot from USB in VMware

Having the capability of booting from a USB drive in VMware is certainly useful, specially when you are creating and testing that bootable USB drive. However, neither VMware nor VirtualBox support booting from USB natively. Fortunately, there is a tool that will allow us to do just this, a free tool is called Plop. Plop […]

How to Convert a VirtualBox VM into a VMware VM

Transferring a virtual machine from Virtualbox to VMware has become a relatively trivial task thanks to Virtualbox. I have always used Virtualbox at home and VMware’s ESXI at work, however, lately I decided to give VMware a try at home after running into a problem booting from a USB drive; problem I was not able […]

How to Create a VMware Virtual Machine

Creating a VMware virtual machine is pretty straight forward, however, there are aspects worth mentioning that might not be so evident like booting from your host computer’s CD-ROM drive. For this tutorial, we are going to be using VMware player to create and run our virtual machine. VMware Player is a free visualization software, which […]

How to Increase the Boot Delay in a VMware VM

Increasing the boot delay in VMware is imperative if you wish to boot from the host computer’s CD-ROM or have access to the BIOS. I never understood why WMware made it so difficult to access the virtual machine’s BIOS or select a different boot device. In order to do any of these tasks, you have […]