Batch Resize Photos With Shrink O’Matic –

Batch Resize Photos With Shrink O’Matic

Here at we are always evaluating software and whenever we have a recommendation worth mentioning we bring it to you. This is the case with Shrink O’Matic. Shrink O’Matic is an exceptional program designed to batch-resize photos.  It can resize a whole folder full of pictures in a matter of seconds. There are many programs on the web designed to do just this, however, what stands out about Shrink O’Matic is its speed, ease of use and portability. It runs in Adobe Air, giving it the ability to be installed on different operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac.

Why we like Shrink O’Matic:

1) Easy to use: From all programs we tried, Shrink O’Matic was certainly the easiest to use. It certainly does not have as many features as other comparable programs, but it does exactly what you need it to do.
2) Speedy: Shrink O’Matic is so fast that it does not even give you time to figure out how to use it. First time you install it all you have to do is drag the pictures (one or all at one) to the yellow space with the washing machine and you are done, the pictures will come out resized. Les’t face it, when you are working with pictures time time flies; you need as few clicks as possible and unless you have to adjust any settings, with Shrink O’Matic you will have all your pictures resized with only one click; the click to drag your pictures to Shrink O’Matic.
3) Cross-Platform: Shrink O’Matic runs in Adobe Air, which can be installed on many operating systems. This gives it cross-platform portability, something very useful for some of us which use Windows at work and other operating systems at home.

How to use Shrink O’Matic:

There is not really much to explain here since everything is self explanatory. Select all your pictures and drag them to the area with the yellow background. Make sure you have all your setting the way you want to, because once you drag your files they will automatically come out on the same folder where the original pictures reside with a different name.

Something worth mentioning is that if you want to preserve a picture’s aspect-ratio you have to select either “Max Width” or “Max Height” and leave one of them unselected, or use the ratio slider bar to reduce the photo proportionally, otherwise your image will come out according to the pixels you have specified, and that might distort it.

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