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Turn Your WebCam Into a CCTV Security Camera

Want to setup a CCTV Security Camera system in your house but don’t want to spend the time or effort to do it? I got just the perfect solution for you. How about using your webcam for this purpose? This is one of those cool projects I always thought about doing but never got around to it. Now there is software that will not only do this for you, but also do it in a professional way, implementing new technology used by professional CCTV security camera systems, like motion detection, human body detection, email alerts, etc. The name of the program is “Vitamin D” and it offers a free version for use at home. It finally gives a chance to put those unutilized, dust gathering webcams to good use.

Vitamin D is designed for small businesses and people at home. It uses technology that mimics how the human brain thinks to filter only what needs to be recorded. It will also alert you the moment it detects motion in from of the camera by sending you an email. If you have objects constantly moving in front of the camera, like tree branches constantly being moved by the wind, you can set the software so that is only records a certain area of the screen and leave the tree branches out of the picture. The free version only supports one camera. However Vitamin D inc, offers two other paid versions that support additional cameras.

I though about doing a tutorial on the software but the makers of Vitamin D have already made a great video that explains how to use it and summarizes all its features:

Final Thoughts

If you have always thought about installing a CCTV security camera system but did not have the money, knowledge, time or willingness, here is a great chance to start your project. You can use Vitamin D it to monitor your nanny, thieves in your home or office, that neighbor’s pet that always poops in your lawn, etc. The possibilities are endless. Have fun with your project!

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  1. Melisa Lopez, 15. May 2011, 17:45

    i need to download this thing!!! i need it sooo when my sister is on i can see everything she is doing!!


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