Add a New User to a Windows Domain Using Exchange 2007, 2010 –

Add a New User to a Windows Domain Using Exchange 2007, 2010

If you have an Exchange server and wish to create a new domain user account, the best way to accomplish it would be using Microsoft Exchange Server. Many IT professionals tend to create a domain account first, then go to the exchange server to create a mailbox for the new user; this is totally unnecessary. The Exchange Management Console will allow you to create both, the domain and the email accounts in the same wizard and in a few easy steps; this way you can kill two birds with one stone. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create a user account using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and 2010. This tutorial was made using Exchange Server 2007, however these steps apply to the 2010 version as well.


Click on “Start“, “Programs” and under “Microsoft Exchange Server“, click on “Exchange Management Console“.

The Exchange Management Console is divided in three columns; on the first column on the left, expand “Recipient Configuration” and click on “Mailbox“.

Then on the third column on the right click on “New Mailbox“.

The “New Mailbox” wizard will open. On the first screen:

1) Enter First Name.

2) Enter Last Name.

3) Enter user’s password.

4) Re-enter user’s password to confirm.

Note: Once you enter the first and last name, the “Name” field will be auto populated. I like to have the last name first, so that the list of users is organized by last names. For example, If the name of the user is John Doe, Exchange will auto-populate the “Name” field as “John Doe”. I switch the first and last names to read “Doe, John”.

Make sure “New User” is selected and click “Next” to continue.

On the next screen, under “Mailbox Database“, click on the “Browse” button and add the mailbox database. Click “Next” to continue.

On the last screen, make sure everything looks good and click “New” to add your new user.

Once you click “new”, a new domain user will be created with an email address. Exchange chooses the fist initial and complete last name to create the new email address. For example, if the name of the new user is “John Doe” then the new email address will be

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