How to Burn ISO Files to CD or DVD (for Free!) –

How to Burn ISO Files to CD or DVD (for Free!)

Nowadays that the Internet has become faster, image files such as ISO, NRG, etc., have gained popularity. CD Images save companies money, giving them the possibility of offering large programs to the public, which otherwise would have to be burned in CDs or DVDs and mailed to you. Once downloaded, there are two ways you can have access to the software inside these image files: Burning them to CDs or DVDs or mounting the images. Mounting an image is good when these ISO images are designed to run within operating systems. For example, an office suite package (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.) that you need to install. You can just do so by mounting the image as a virtual CD. However, many ISO images are operating systems themselves, such is the case of LiveCDs, Linux Installation CDs, etc. These have to burned. In this tutorial I will teach you how to burn an ISO image file using my favorite free image burning software: ImgBurn.


Download and install ImgBurn (it is free), there is nothing special you need to know about the installation, just keep clicking next until you finish installing it.

Open the program and, on the main ImgBurn window, click on “Write image file to disk“.

Next, under “Source“, click on the small yellow folder icon to select your ISO image file.

Browse to the location of your image file, select it and click “Open“.

Finally, insert your blank media in your CD/DVD burner and click on the icon at the bottom left of the window to start burning your ISO image.

Your image will then start burning. It is best if stop working on the computer until the software finishes recording, since the recording process needs to be continuous. If you do anything on the computer that requires memory or CPU processing power this might interrupt the burning process and ruin your CD.

After the CD finishes burning, ImgBurn will verify it to make sure the recording does not have any errors.

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