How to Create an ISO Image (for Free!) –

How to Create an ISO Image (for Free!)

ISO images are great when you want to backup your programs, just in case something happens to your precious delicate CDs. They are also handy when cloning CDs or DVDs. ISO is a standard format, not proprietary to any company or commercial entity. This means virtually all CD/DVD burning software can burn it. ISO images can also be mounted as virtual CDs, making it unnecessary to burn them to CDs. This not only saves us money but also time, since mounted ISO images run about 10 times faster than a regular CD or DVD. For these reasons ISO has become the most popular image format in the web. In this tutorial I will show you how to create an ISO image of an existing CD or DVD.



For this project we are going to be using my favorite image burning software: ImgBurn.

Insert the CD you want to make an image of in your CD-ROM drive. On the main ImgBurn screen, click on “Create Image File From Disk“.


On the following screen, under “Destination“, click on the yellow folder on the right hand side of the section.


Give your the ISO file a name and click on “Save“.


Finally, on the last screen, click on the icon on the bottom left.


ImgBurn will start making your ISO file. The whole process can take anywhere from seconds to a few minutes depending on the size of your disk.


Final Thoughs

As you can see, creating an ISO file is a breeze with ImgBurn. ImgBurn, as its name indicates, is designed to burn images. However, that is not its only purpose; it can serve as a CD/DVD burning software as well. ImgBurn also allows users to make modifications to the media which otherwise will be impossible, even using other famous burning programs. Feel free to explore this wonderful little program.

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