How to Install Fonts in Ubuntu –

How to Install Fonts in Ubuntu

Installing fonts in Ubuntu has certainly become a trivial task. In the past, installing fonts in Ubuntu was cumbersome, requiring you to follow a number of non-intuitive steps that only a true geek could remember. I certainly used to find myself searching on Google every time I would have to install a font in Ubuntu, something definitely not acceptable for an operating system that prides itself on its ease of use. Fortunately, things have greatly improved since those days. Now, a few clicks of a button can open the door to graphic artistry heaven. In this tutorial, I will cover two easy methods you can follow to load new fonts on Ubuntu. These instructions were made in Ubuntu 11.04.


Option #1 – Downloading Fonts from the Web

If you have chosen the font you would like to download and install, do so. However, if you have not, there are many great sites on the web that offer free fonts. My favorites are Dafont and 1001free fonts.

Download the font you wish to install, uncompress the archive, right click on the TTF or OTF file and choose “Open With Font Viewer“.

Next, on the Font Viewer window, click on “Install Font” and you are done. Your new font should now be part of the list of fonts on any program installed in Ubuntu.


Option #2 – Choosing Fonts from Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu has a great selection of fonts you can download and install straight from their “Software Center“. You can even install entire font packs that will give you hundreds of fonts, all with a single click.

Open “Ubuntu Software Center“.

Then, on the right hand side area, click on “Fonts“.

Choose from any font on the list, click on them and select “Install” . You can choose among single fonts and whole font packs.


Final Thoughts

While the Software Center option is certainly a faster way of loading many fonts on your computer, I tend to prefer downloading the fonts from the web myself since you can quickly scroll though a list of fonts with image samples. With Ubuntu Software Center you have to click on each font to display it; that makes it more time consuming and tedious and, in the case of font packs, you really do not know what you are getting since no display sample is provided; leading you to install hundreds of fonts you do not need.

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