How to Install VMware 7 on Ubuntu 11.04 –

How to Install VMware 7 on Ubuntu 11.04

Installing VMware on Ubuntu 11.04 is trivial compared to past installations. VMware really simplified things this time, so much so that it is almost irrelevant to write this tutorial. However, I thought I would write it anyway since even though the installation is really straight forward, there are some things worth mentioning. This article pertains to the latest version of VMware Workstation, version 7.1.4 and above and Ubuntu Natty Narwhal version 11.04. Hopefully VMware continues with these easy, trouble-free installations and does not revert to the issues of the past.



Download VMware Workstation v7.1.4 for Linux. VMware does requires you to register with them before you can begin the download. The program is free for personal use with limited capabilities. You can only create virtual machines with it. To play them you need a separate software called VMware Player which is free as well and comes with WMware Workstation but it is not integrated with it.

Note: To download it you must right click on the download link and then click on “Save Link As“. If you do not do this, your browser will download a small partial file which will give you an error during installation (This happens at least in Firefox; I did not try it on any other browser).

Once downloaded, open the terminal screen, enter the directory containing the downloaded file and execute the following command (this is for the 32 bit full version, change the name of your file accordingly):

sudo sh VMware-Workstation-Full-7.1.4-385536.i386.bundle


Installation Wizard

Follow the wizard. All of the selections I made are optional. I’ll omit the explanation for some of these since they are mostly self explanatory. It is up to you if you want to change anything.



Eclipse is a multi language software development environment. Unless you plan to develop applications for VMware you can leave this blank and click “Next” to continue.

Again, this feature will be used only if you plan to do some programming. Click “Next” to continue.

Leave the default, and continue.



And that’s it!, Simple right? compared to the pain other versions of VMware have made us go through, sometimes even making us use third party unsupported patches for the installation to work. This latest installation was certainly awaited and welcomed.


  1. Cyrano, 13. September 2011, 7:31

    Hi Pablo and Others
    It also works with the updated packages.

  2. Pablo Garcia, 9. September 2011, 18:26

    Hi Cyrano
    I have not tried it with the updated packages yet.

  3. Cyrano, 6. September 2011, 21:30

    Congratulations! I tried to install it on the Ubuntu 10.10 version but no chance.I now have like you the 11.04 version. But i wish to know does it work after updating not the system version but the packages? I have a new kernel downloaded. Thanks

  4. Pablo Garcia, 5. September 2011, 21:10

    I do not know how that could be possible if every single one of them says Workstation on it. You are probably confused because at the end of the installation Workstation also installs WMware Player.

  5. tonny, 5. September 2011, 0:58

    The graphics above are from Vmware PLAYER not workstation.

  6. donald, 25. August 2011, 16:16

    i’V install ubuntu 11.04 with VMware workstation 7.1.4. seems to be good, but when a start VMapplication, i have a warning :several modules must be complied & loaded into kernel. have a error thank’s:unable to build kernel setup2867.log code .

  7. Ashish Sharma, 16. August 2011, 17:16

    Thank you so much Pablo for the helpful article….
    Really helpful!!!!

  8. vaibhav, 11. August 2011, 4:52

    hey thanks for the steps!!!!!!!great work

  9. Pablo Garcia, 4. August 2011, 20:49

    Hi Patrix, I don’t mention those problems because I never had them.

  10. Patrix, 3. August 2011, 23:28

    guide is far too simple and incomplete. It does not really mention problems which occur when you start VMWare Workstation, notorious “kernel-header” issue wihch simply is incompatibiltiy with default kernel
    of Natty.

  11. Ashmeet, 22. July 2011, 5:06

    My Vmware workstation installed but now it is asking for some linux headers to compile some modules but I don’t know where they are kept
    I tried the patch but that also fails
    Can you help me ?

  12. Paul, 24. May 2011, 4:05

    it works well, thanks!

  13. PaulZhou, 23. May 2011, 5:10

    Keng Die Ne!
    That just install fine.
    But if you start the VMware workstation after successful installation, there are error messages pop-up!

  14. x, 7. May 2011, 3:28

    When i try to run vmware it says VMware Workstation needs to store user preferences and other information in the directory “~/.vmware”. Do you want to continue although VMware Workstation was unable to create that directory? any ideas? the dir is there so not sure why its saying that.

  15. x, 7. May 2011, 3:18

    I just installed vmware 7.1.4 it doesn’t seem to work all that well i mean it installs fine except every time i go to start vmware the “user agreement” keeps poping up even if i hit accept. and when i go to enter a serial it says unknown error so i’m at a loss atm.

  16. Pablo Garcia, 6. May 2011, 14:23

    How are you trying to open it? are you following the instructions?

  17. malito78, 6. May 2011, 12:55

    help!(,sh: Can’t open VMware-Workstation-Full-7.1.4-385536.i386.bundle)

  18. Anthony, 2. May 2011, 4:02

    great, it works!
    I can’t use two cores for one VM anymore, but I think thats a different problem :-/

  19. Galiann, 29. April 2011, 15:34

    Thanks \o/


  20. Anthony, 29. April 2011, 3:14

    it sounds fanciful! I will try it at the weekend ..

  21. Pablo Garcia, 28. April 2011, 14:35

    Yes Anthony

    The new VMware 7.1.4 works on Ubuntu 11.04 without any patching, I just tried it again on a brand new installation of Ubuntu 11.04. It installs and runs just fine, no glitches.

  22. Anthony, 28. April 2011, 10:54

    are you sure this will work, did you try it?

    I am wondering cause VMware Workstation does not support the actual Kernel 2.6.38.
    In the release notes of VMWare WS 7.1.4 ist written:
    “It also adds support for Windows 7 SP1 and Ubuntu 10.10 guest and host operating systems”

    You have to patch Vmware Workstation manually to get it run ..
    see here:


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