How to Increase the Boot Delay in a VMware VM –

How to Increase the Boot Delay in a VMware VM

Increasing the boot delay in VMware is imperative if you wish to boot from the host computer’s CD-ROM or have access to the BIOS. I never understood why WMware made it so difficult to access the virtual machine’s BIOS or select a different boot device. In order to do any of these tasks, you have to start your virtual machine, click on its screen (or press ctrl-g) to change control from your computer to the virtual machine and then press F2 to access the BIOS, or ESC to select your boot device. By the time you grab your mouse to click on the screen, the opportunity to access the BIOS is long gone. In this tutorial I will teach you how to increase the insignificant delay given by VMware to something more logical.



Go to the folder that contains your virtual machine. In Windows it is usually located under My documents\My Virtual Machines\<Virtual Machine Name>.

Right-click on the file bearing the name of your virtual machine; the one with the vmx extension.

Add the following text as a new line anywhere on the list; this will give you a boot delay of 30 seconds:

bios.bootdelay = 30000

Start your virtual machine and click on its screen to take control (or click ctrl+g). Now you have 30 seconds to select whether you want to press DEL to choose boot device, press F2 to access the BIOS or press F12 to boot from network.

Now you can access the nice Phoenix BIOS included in all your virtual machines.

Or the boot menu.

All without stressing yourself.

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