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Password Protect a Folder in Windows 7, Vista and XP

Let me start by saying that… no, this article does not talk about compressing a folder into a password protected zip file. I will talk about a real tool that not only password protect your folders, but also hides them. Lets face it, what good does it do to protect a folder in a compressed […]

How to Install VMware 7 on Ubuntu 11.04

Installing VMware on Ubuntu 11.04 is trivial compared to past installations. VMware really simplified things this time, so much so that it is almost irrelevant to write this tutorial. However, I thought I would write it anyway since even though the installation is really straight forward, there are some things worth mentioning. This article pertains […]

Wipe Hard Drive Clean Using Free Software

Selling your computer but worried of somebody trying to get a hold of your personal information? As some of you know, whenever a file is deleted from the computer, it does not really gets deleted but rather the opearting system identifies the space as available so it can be re-recorded again. This is a huge […]

How to Recover Erased Data Using Free Software

There are many programs in the web that will help you recover erased data. Some great ones and some mediocre ones; some very costly and some free. In the following tutorial I will describe what I believe to be the best solution for recovering erased files from your computer. A method which works on virtually […]

Bypass Windows Password Using Kon-Boot

Hasn’t this happened to all of us IT professionals at one point in our careers: A client is going to be traveling out of the country on a vacation and he is leaving his computer for you to fix; he is of course, expecting his computer to be ready when he comes back. He leaves […]

Use Gmail as Storage Space with Gmail Drive

As you may already know, Gmail offers a lot of storage space for your email account.  However, who is going to use 7.5GB of storage space to store emails?. Well… I know people that would. But for 99% of us, that space would go to waste. So why not use it as storage space? Its […]

Place your Favorite ISOs in a Single USB Drive with a Single Menu

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could store all of your favorite ISO image files, like the ultimate boot CD, Kon-Boot, DBan, Parted Magic, etc, into a single USB flash drive and be able to boot to every single one of them using a single menu? The end result is called a USB multipass and […]

Cropping a Photo Using Free Image Editing Software – The Gimp

Let me start by saying that cropping a picture is one of the most basic photo editing tasks and it can be done with practically any image editor, with some being harder than others. There are plenty of free image editors on the web now a days, however, The Gimp is as powerful as it […]

How to Purge or Delete a Disconnected Mailbox in Exchange 2007

As many of you may have noticed, deleting a disconnected mailbox in Exchange Server 2007 is not as evident as it could be. Microsoft definitely wants to prevent accidental deletion of data, so it decided not to offer the option though the Exchange Management Console anymore. Purging a deleted or disconnected mailbox in exchange 2007 […]

How to Setup a VPN Server in Windows Server 2008 R2

Setting up a pptp VPN server in Windows server 2008 is a relatively simple and trivial task. Pptp VPNs are certainly very handy when you need to quickly allow users into your network and, although less secure, pptp vpn servers are a breeze to install and configure compared to ipsec vpn servers. The setup changed […]

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